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For those of you whom did Special orders before the the January 9th deadline your orders should get here any time and I mean any time.
For those that ordered after the January 9th Chinese New Year Cut off date I am not sure exactly when they will be on their way.  It is up to the Chinese Government and when they will allow them to go back to work.  My Supplier has told me that he thinks it will February  17th but could be as late as February 24th.   I will let you know here when they actually return.  I will also let you know here when they leave China and when they arrive here.


I am hoping it is getting close to things getting back to normal.  My Supplier is trying to get back into the office and the factory is trying to open and get things going.  They are at the mercy of the Government at this time and they are just waiting for them to tell them they can open.

I have been assured that once they are open they will get right on the orders and get them out :)