05-15-2021 - Yes there is a chip shortage and yes the prices are going up...  We are doing our best to absorb the increase but our prices were so low and margins small that we had to increase price a little bit.


We have lowered out bulk buy number to 3000.  So if you want to buy 3000 or more you can save a little and these will go out as quickly as possible from the factory.

For existng orders - I am so sorry they are coming in so slowley!   EVERYONE is getting thier orders.  I am turning all of the orders that were 3000 or more and still outstanding into the factory and have them ship diectly to you to get them quicker.

I will send out a tracking number as soon as they ship BUT that number will show nothing until the boxes are in the USA and in the hands of the shipper. If you have more specific questions just contact me at SUPPORT@RGBMAN.COM