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It may take a little longer to get your order but the price makes it worth it!

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You get the best Pricing in the US

You get your products in 4 - 8 weeks (Sometimes even faster)

You get top quality products 

Please see our News section for updates on the crisis in China

as well as specials we have on occasion 


True WS2811 Chips

Our Core product is 12V  / Bullet Style / True WS2811 / 18 Gauge Black Wire with 4 inch spacing / True IP68 / 100 Count / Pigtails attached,

We can order Strings of 50, 100, or Custom Strings as needed

We make sure that ALL of our pixels are up to the highest standard and only use original chips and not clones.

Our lights are used by thousands of individuals as well as businesses

Pick of Pigtails

If we do not have it in stock not a problem! We are constantly making orders and having them shipped to us.  We can have your exact order the way you want it within weeks of your order... not months