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What some of our customers are saying.

This question was asked in a group on Facebook and the responses took us by Surprize!!

Who has ordered from rgbman and how was your experience. I'm placing an order and want some input




Mitchell Revill

I have, great to business with. out of 4500 pixels not a bad one yet.

Brian Chiaino

​I haven't but would in a heart beat, nothing but great reviews from him

Corey Bruce


Great product

Good shipping times.

Would highly suggest using him

Corey Bruce

5000 lights in

Jonathan Landingham

I ordered from him before he became RGBMan, good guy

Jason Rasmussen

All good here. A vendor that actually responds promptly.

Holly Singleton

We did it was an amazing experience, great prices and super fast shipping. We are actually going to be placing another order very soon.

Tony Bigda

I had a great experience with him, I had a friend who had a less then favorable experience but he made it right which is what matters. So standup vendor, wouldn’t hesitate to order again

Todd Wright

I have ordered twice from him... ZERO problems ! ! !

James Crickenberger

I have ordered numerous times without any issues. Would highly recommend

John Pacheco

I've ordered several times. Great service. Great products.

Jacob Mansour

Couple orders and plenty of money spent. Always great.

Kevin B. Lederer

Lots of times and excellent experience in all.

Joseph Kerr

I’ve placed one order and had a great experience. It did take some time to get the lights, but that was expected during the current events. Hewas very easy going and quick to respond to my questions.

Paul Bryant-Ott

Purchased 3000 pixels plus extras last year. Due to son graduating USAF basic training, no show last year and didn’t even unbox them all. June this year started putting together my show and had a problem with a string of lights so I contacted him. New string sent no questions. Awesome customer service and VERY pleased with how the entire order process went last year as well. You will have no problems with Michael Downey the RGB man!

Bill Cook

The cost of the product plus shipping was 20% cheaper from Ray-Wu in China. Email him with your request to get a better quote

Jason Saltsman


Purchased 3k pixels the beginning of June, arrived about 6 weeks later.​

Daniel Woofter

Have made 3 purchases since October, 5k lights total. Great guy. Not a single complaint or worry.

Mike Erbe

Ive had great experiences with him.

Its was Covid that fkd stuff up for him. But i was patient 8in that respect.

Robert Wolf

I've ordered multiple times, nothing but good things to say.​

Rob Wichert

Repeat customer here​

Michael K. Wimmer

Not that you need one more positive review....but RGB man does a great job. I have ordered from him many times and he has always exceeded my expectations!​

Charles Wille

Just amazing. Can't wait till the wife approves next year's light budget.


Will Clay

I have and great experience.


Michael Brazil

No problems.


Rich Beard

He is awesome. Always puts up with me changing my order all the time. Lol.


Mitch Babcock

Excellent seller.


Gary Redden

7000 pixels in, great experience


Jason Pugh

I’m a fan. Class act supplier.

Tim Dotson

Great seller.....highly recommended

Billy Dzama

great pixels at a good price and fast shipping!


Ed Faranda

I have. Great customer service

Lorie Laux

Excellent experience and great communication!


Chris Hutchins

He’s great! You will not have any problems


Lobo Murphy

Great man easy to work with. Easy to talk with on this hobby. Has some really good deals throughout the year.

Travis Ratliff

All good things!

Mark Erwich

Placed several orders, including complicated orders. He is great!

Mark Dickson

The communication can be slow at times, but my orders (if in stock) always ship within a day or two. I have ordered from 3 different vendors and his quality is on par with the others for sure. Be sure and message him before ordering, he usually gives a better deal that way.


Dominic Bucciarelli

I placed an order with him last week and am now impatiently waiting. I’ve heard nothing but great things!

Steve Montgomery

I had a Great experience

Clinton Hooper

I placed an order a while back. Took a few weeks longer than I was originally hoping but all arrived in good condition. I have no qualms about ordering through him again.

Jeremy Turner

I’ve placed multiple orders from him. No complaints. Matter of fact, I have an order coming today.

Davin Young

100% perfect and will order again when I need more.


Scott Feldmann

fantastic. email him directly for best pricing.

John Zoldak

I have place multiple orders with him. Always great to work with. Gonna be placing another order soon.


Virgil Carroll

Great pixels,awesome service

Gary Semb

My first purchase today, very straightforward, and after price checking around, he came in almost $500.00 less than competitors.

David Hayes

Multiple orders. Great communication via Facebook messenger before orders. Good shipping. No complaints.

Hebron Lights

I ordered before the virus . But as soon as my stuff came in the country he shipped it out very helpful and timely. I'll go back.

Andreas Felder

Great! Mine just shipped!


Eddie Zimnowski

Excellent Customer service!

Zachary Burger


Roberto Mello

Best ever

Luke Pope

Great experience he will do everything to make order easy and fast


Brian Lutton

​I placed a small order of power supplies... got sent the wrong items... He took care of it and I made an offer to him to keep the wrong items for a discounted price (full price minus the cost he'd pay for the return shipping)... he actually gave me an … See More


Jerry Tierney

10k from him. Great prices and service. Had a string half out but came on after messing with it. He sent me one out anyway. Highly recommended.

Claudio Joya

Great no issues. And less defects then other vendors, could be chance but that was my experience

William Hunsucker

When I’m ready to order I will use him.

Ray White

Fantastic. Great price and got my order in a week.


Matthew Eccles

​Fantastic! I ordered almost 10k lights, great service!

Joe Farley



JD Canales

This was my first ever order on pixels. Just starting out in the hobby. Ordered 6/26 and received them today. Haven’t even opened the box yet because of all the honey do’s but from all the previous reviews I read I feel confident in my order. Looking to order more from him, hence all the honey do’s.

Corey Tessmer

Every pixel I have has come from RGB-MAN! Not one problem yet. Best prices!


Brian Rosales

It had a great experience, very quick communications and customer service. I would order again for sure

Harry Burnette

I ordered 1000. Good experience.


Robert Rawlings

Great honest guy. I picked up 1000 from him

Steven King

Excellent experience. I’ve ordered thousands of pixels. Service was fast and professional

Douglas DeLong

Very good. Working with the pixels I received a week or so ago and they are very good quality.


William Petty

I am sure it has been overstated but excellent

Michael Anderson

The best!


James Blue

No need to ask. The BEST!!


Phillip Provenzano



Tony Biviano



JD Smoot

Ordered 2200 from him. No problems at all. Took a bit for the shipping but it wasn’t his fault. This was at the end of March right when the factories were reopening from pandemic, so there was nothing he could do. He was upfront about it before I ordered. Would definitely recommend him. He’s the BEST!!

Jonathan Landingham

Michael Downey, you are well loved, good sir!

Gary Honn

Multiple orders from him!! He’s great

Steve Rose

Great experience in the multiple orders. I highly recommend him

Shawn Shannon

Great experience. Very timely

Ryan Barmore

Great experience. He’s local, so I went and picked them up!


Chester Campbell

​Great to deal with - order with confidence!

Tom Langley

Went very well, do so twice.

Randy Michael

Great guy to order from!

Paul Anthony Schmitz

Does one more positive make any difference? Good experience and good pricing.

Jim Evans

I heard a lot of good and prices were good, my 1st order pending, my order is on a slow boat. Not worried.


Ryan Obi-Wan Gerald


Chris Marchal

He rocks


Gus Sandilla


Richard Langevin


Keith Kisinger

Dude is awesome!


Tone Stabley

He's my go to. Great products

Mike Tamosaitis

Just like the others here. multiple orders with him always a great experience. He even helped my wife get me a gift card for my birthday.

Gevork Sukunyan

Cool people to deal with. I just received 10k pixels and waiting for permatrack

Clint Heimgartner


Michael Young

Two thumbs up

Michael Seif

Great pixels, great price, great service!

Robert Weiss

Great experience. He helps guide decisions if you are unsure how to make something work.


Jim Wrolson

Accepts ZJs


Steve Conner

​Smooth and awesome


Michael Tucholski II

Many orders still one of the best go2

Nicholas Fazio

amazing! even with Covid shipping delays and messups he was super helpful and jumped through hoops to make sure I got my order!

Michael Downey

Guys... I am blown away by all of the nice comments! THank you so much for the kind words. I try to do the best job I can to help you guys out!

Pat Castain

1500 pixels or so, no issues. good customer service

Daryl Erwin

We need more responses !!! come on guys .. 200!

Maggie Beth Bittinger

Amazing only person I will buy from.

Christopher Gallegos

My first order was through him, supplier shorted me and he was more than happy to work with getting me squared away. Very responsive

Anna Schwarze

I highly recommend him.

Brooke Libba Brewer

I’ve bought over 15,000 pixels and miles of xconnect extensions from him, great experience every time.


John Clay

Thanks everyone pixels were ordered last night and I've already received an email that 5000 pixels were sent out today. Thanks Michael for your quick shipping. And thanks everyone for helping me in my decision

Reviews from Our Facebook page

Brian Gallucci


 I ordered 150 strings of 100 and I'd have to say only one bad pixel out of all of them.... Freaking awesome!!!!! Good job Mike!!

Andrew Doré


 RGB MAN is my go to pixel dealer. When I need my pixel fix I go to him. Great customer service! Mike will go out of his was to generate quotes, answer any questions about his products and order status. Don’t hesitate to place an order with him.

Pamela Williams


 I'm new to pixels, he was so helpful! will always buy from him

Brian Gallucci


 I ordered 150 strings of 100 and I'd have to say only one bad pixel out of all of them.... Freaking awesome!!!!! Good job Mike!!

Bryan Lone

 I ordered 10k pixels as part of a special that was run. RGB-Man was entirely transparent during the whole process from ordering to delivery. His response time was superb. On top of all that, I tested all the pixels upon arrival and I had ZERO, yes ZERO bad pixels. I expected a few. This is quality! I've dealt with other "DIYLED" vendors and have come to expect a 1-2% failure rate upon delivery and slow responses. RGB-Man is the real deal! I will be ordering from RGB-Man exclusively from here on out. Great Job, Keep up the great service and quality!

Gene Euber
Absolute pleasure to do business with.quality products.super fast shipping.Best prices I have found!!!!
placed order had tracking number within 5min. have placed several orders and they don't disappoint.
Customer for life.
thanks RGB MAN

Paul Bryant-Ott

Awesome experience and very helpful for a newbie. Guided me throughout the whole purchase, answered questions and came through immediately when there were shipping issues. Will definitely work with this vender again in the future and highly recommend his service to anyone.

Robert Wolf

A Great company to work with to go along with their awesome prices! Got exactly what I needed with no failures. They are willing to help with any questions I had in a timely manner. Order with confidence!

Cory Bertelsen

RGB MAN was Super helpful. Just getting started and he was a great resource

Keith Peffer

RGB Man is the best! I’ve bought lots of pixels from all around the world, from all sorts of vendors. RGB Man hands down has been the best experience. He is quick to reply, amazing prices and an outstanding guy all around. I’ll definitely be buying more next year. I think it’s safe to say, I’ve found my go to Pixel Vendor.

Corey Tessmer

RGB MAN always great pricing and fairly quick delivery considering they're coming from across the pond.
Also, great communication! always let's ya know when your shipment is on it's way.
I know where I'll come to if I need some more pixels!!

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