It all started when my Manufacturer (Whom I have always bought my lights from and is one of the top 2 trusted RGB Manufacturers in the industry) had 50,000 pixels that somebody ordered and did not pay for and asked me to sell them. I sold them in 4 days. He then asked if I could sell 100,000 for him and I sold them in a week. I was hooked!

We have have been selling ever since.

I buy pixels for people who love lighting with them! I want to save them money and time compared to traditional Pre-Sales.  

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What makes us different

First, We are the ORIGINAL discount Pixel store...  As soon as people saw our success other stores started popping up copying not only our discount idea but even copied our exact Marketing and wording on websites. I guess we should be flattered that everytime we start a promotion it only takes 48 hours max that others do the same thing.  

Second,  We are known for our quality products. Our Products are the top of the line. Every componant is the highest quality. Our customers constantly thank us for the quality products we send them.  Our factory not only makes the top quality products but will NOT create lower quality products just to lower the price.

Third... Many vendors sell in strings of 50 to try and make it look like they have good prices.  We Give for 100 count strings so you see the real cost. We can get any length you want but 100 is our standard... so we may sound like a little more but we are actually much less!  At .24 a pixel a 50 pixel string would be $12.00 and the 100 string $24.00

This includes shipping to your house for orders of $250.00 or more.  There are no "You will get a separate bill for shipping after purchase"  Surprises.  

Contact us if you have any custom orders or if you have any questions