HAPPY 4th of July!!!
OK...  We are way early but our
Sale Starts NOW!

Use the code "4thOfJuly2022" to get 15% off all in stock items as well as special order items!!!

Bulk items and Bulk ready to ship items are not included


Want Bulk Price and 5 - 8 Day delivery??

PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING (Inventory Number for 2000 or 8000 reflect total available. When one category runs out so does the other)

Here is how it works... You order from the link below... the products are 500 pixels of either 100 count xconnect or Ray Wu ends and 50 Count xconnect or Ray WU ends
You must order 2,000 or more pixels to order from that category or 8,000 pixels or more to order from that Category
These ship from a different location so I can't ship our in stock items with them and I can't mix them with special order items. You can order other things but they will come the normal way.